The beginning

Saying goodbye is never easy when we leave for a long trip.




But arriving at our house swap destination after 34 long hours travelling and being welcomed by Solange and Chantal was just so wonderful.


Weather is colder than expected and missing the sunny climate from home.


Off exploring Le Louvre on Sunday with thousands of other locals and tourists alike as it was the first Sunday of the month when free admission is offered to all.


We took a trip to Fontainbleau to visit one of the French Royal palaces inhabited by the monarchy till the French revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte followed by his son and grandson lived there after the revolution.


Shopped for smaller lighter sleeping bags and warmer clothing for the upcoming Camino we start from Le Puy-en-Velay in a few days time. We now are kitted out as budding Camino pilgrims for whatever the climate throws at us – freezing cold, rain or snow!!!!


Mastered the art of travelling on the RER and Metro and buses so ventured confidently into Paris to the Musee D’Orsay impressionist and post impressionist gallery. What a feast of famous paintings we saw.




What a feast we enjoyed at the very grand Le Restaurant at the Musee D’Orsay. We know it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it!!


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3 Responses to The beginning

  1. Daphne and Keith says:

    Lovely to read of your adventures so far – but how did you manage to sneak those photos of the artworks in Musee D’Orsay? We have faith that you will experience lovely weather on your walk – we journeyed through France at the same time of the year and found that April in France, not just in Paris, is beautiful and so pretty with trees in blossom and new leaf, flowers blooming and people coming alive after the winter chill. Happy travels!

  2. Di Tornai says:

    Hi Sandra & Peter
    Pleased to report, and encourage you, that the weather is much warmer down here this week. Mind you, we had too much wet in recent weeks. Next week, the Meteo tells us to expect temps up to 27C for most of the week, Hopefully this will put a spring in your step as you head this way. Pleanty of butterflies, nesting birdlife, wild flowers galore, and sunshine. It’s as if someone flicked the switch at Easter, and the winter gloom has been dispelled (until next year).
    Looking forward to sitting on the terrace with you both and chatting over a glass of Gaillac’s best vin.
    Castelnau de Montmiral, Tarn

  3. David Fowden says:

    Sandy and Peter
    Your photos are lovely and what an amazing trip! My grandfather was in France in WW1.
    It will soon be the centenary. There will be many remembrance ceremonies.
    I had eye surgery for a detached retina recently. I am recovering slowly.
    Hope you enjoy your long walk. Kathy is going to Vietnam for six weeks on Saturday to
    work in a hospital. Robert’s Indonesian has improved so much after three weeks in Lombok.

    Regards Colleen and David

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