Au revoir Paris


Last  evening in Paris.

Great label – shame the contents were not up to it!

Au revoir Paris. We’re off on our first TGV trip. Currently we’re on the train which is travelling at 285kms . Destination Dole by train then its a SNCF bus to Lons-le-Saunier- the town where the  composer of  the French national anthem, Le Marsellaisse lived.

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3 Responses to Au revoir Paris

  1. Byung-hee says:

    We couldn’t open your pages because they are protected and we don’t have the password.. In any event, trust you are having a great time and the weather is fine for your activities.


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  2. Mish says:

    Looks like you’re enjoying the wine and cheese; )

  3. James Margules says:

    Hey, sounds great! Did you get to put your head out of the window at high speed?

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