Another grey start to the day not helped by the colourless stone buildings.


Walking along a well formed part of the track up in the clouds. This was part of a snow shoe circuit.


A bleak and icy cross on top of a farmers field. The frosty ground crunched under our boots.


Poor visibility made finding the red and white trail markers difficult at times.  It would be easy to lose your way if the weather deteriorated further. Perhaps a GPS next time?


Mother and child – in an early sort of Baby Bjorn carrier?


The only colourful bird seen so far. There are so few birds to be seen even up here in the high country.


Arriving in town we were greeted by these daffodils smiling and waving at us in the gentle breeze.


Heaven is reaching our destination each day and being able to take off our boots and packs and putting up our feet!!

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2 Responses to Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac

  1. tony says:

    Just as well you have all that Aldi warm weather gear

    • 2bikeriders says:

      Sandy’s had feet issues after 8 days of no difficulties and Aldi’s wool and polyester hiking socks have come to the rescue (as well as blister products called Compeed). Day 11 extremely difficult terrain amd wet and cold weather conditions – now recovering with medicinal brandy.

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