Saint-Come-d’Olt – What a difference a day makes



In true form the old song said ‘What a difference a day makes – 24 little hours in a day’.  It’s been inbelievable!!!

Over the past day the temperature has moved from -7 degrees to +17 degrees giving us perfect hiking weather to enjoy being in France’s beautiful countryside.


Au revoir Saint-Chely-d’Aubrac after a great evening at our Logis Hotel with our 2 Dutch and 2 Canadian walking friends.


Mid morning coffee stop made possible by an enterprising farmer’s wife who enjoys meeting passing pilgrims each day and in return earns quite a few euros from drink sales.


Watering and rest stop for our Dutch friends and Peter amongst the tall deciduous trees along the track.


Afternoon tea with a far better view than the coffee offered.


Stunning topography today.


Dinner with Swiss, French and Germans at tonight’s Chambre-de-hote. Menu comprised of soup, pate, ‘special’ sausage and vegetables, local cheeses followed by creme caramel washed down  with plenty of vin de pays.

Sandy managed to avoid having sausage –  again and took the vegetarian option of omelette instead. There’s only so much sausage a girl can comsume and every town has its own ‘special’ one. Perhaps best to limit taking up offers of the demi-pension when there are other dining options. 

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