Arrived in this small hilltop town after a long hard walk to stay at the only hotel serving an evening meal and breakfast.  We’d walked 25 hard kms and were disappointed to hear Madame say ‘they’d run out of beer!!!  Monsouir hopped onto his car quickly bringing some back for their thirsty guests. But in the meantime we’d bought  takeaways from the one shop in town so proceeded to sit outside the hotel enjoying the weak late afternoon sun along with the Kronnbourgs.


Another beautiful european spring morning – before the feet grew tired.


An easy surface to walk along for a small part of the day.


Peter’s been fascinated with the French chateau de BBQ/outdoor oven so much so that you might see one at home. Aside from developing a deep understanding of the benefits of over engineered chateau de BBQ’s we’ve also learnt along this long walk about Peter’s take on sewerage systems, power stations and weather patterns. This all just goes to show that’s it’s impossible to take the engineer out of the boy!!


The day ended as all days do – with foot taping and bandaiding ready for another day on the journey.


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