May Day 2013 – Castelnau de Montmiral

One of the more perplexing aspects of living in France is the ability of the French to observe public holidays with great enthusiasm! These holidays may have a religious significance, a military significance, a historical significance or may celebrate just a random or local happening. Today is May Day and the French with typical enthusiasm for public holidays have closed all shops.

Australian culture is for shops to only shut on Good Friday, Christmas Day and Anzac Day and many shops at home are open for part of these days. Not so here in France!

Today Peter set off after a late lunch to buy a couple of bottles of wine for our evening meal.  Unfortunately he didn’t have his watch on and when he found the small superette closed he assumed he had arrived too early for the afternoon opening (in France all shops also close for lunch from 12.30pm  to approximately 3pm, except for bars).

After sitting in the sun and enjoying the outstanding view for a while Peter was approached by an English tourist wanting to know about parking regulations in the town. In the ensuing conversation he discovered that it was May Day and that the superette was never going to open that day! It was also 4pm. So after a one and a half hour shopping trip Peter returned home WINELESS!!!! What shall we do????

There are no grapevines in
Di’s small front garden.

Nor on the terrace.


But all ended well and as you can see we managed to find some Gaillac wine to enjoy after all!! This is a fairly small appellation producing blended white and red wines which are available locally.

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1 Response to May Day 2013 – Castelnau de Montmiral

  1. Dave and Ellie Wilson says:

    We suggest drinking twice as much today (the day after May Day) 🙂

    Stay well, happy and safe.

    Dave and Ellie

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