Saying goodbye at the front of Di and Dave’s charming French home this morning after a very welcome rest.

They got a trip to Portugal,we got a rest while Sandy’s foot recovered.

We travelled to Moissac and are staying at this gite called the Ancien Carmel – a former Carmelite convent. We’ve met up with French pilgrims we saw earlier on our way before we took our break.

The gite’s courtyard is quite a beautiful spot to soak up the relatively rare sun at this time of the year.

Here the fairy lights show one of the many uses for crosses in this country.

The Benedictine Abbey at Moissac – 10th century and very large. Beautiful cloisters were adjacent to the Abbey.

The ornate entrance to tbe Abbey and Cloisters.

The Abbey interior – cold at this time of year but very welcome on a hot summers day.

With limited clothing our daily laundry must get dry – Peter always finds somewhere to put up the line!!


Dishing up industrial sized serves of digestiff ensures pilgrims sleep well. This one was a combination of mint, rosemary, sugar and alcohol and warm water together with unknown other ingredients. Delicious.


After imbibing everyone started singing well known French songs led admirably by a Gite volunteer whose role included reception, cooking meals, directing guests to rooms as well as testing digestiffs!

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3 Responses to Moissac

  1. ALLIOD Marie-Pierre says:

    Hi Sandy & Peter,
    Christine gave me the address for your blog. Therefore I can see the beauty of your “Camino”… We are waiting for you as discussed by email, but please, give me some more details about your arrival at Geneva.
    I am looking forward hearing from you. Take care and size those wonderful days.
    Kind regards.

  2. tony says:

    You both look so rested and well now, hopefully you can maintain that healthy glow. Good luck with the feet. Tony

  3. Crina Virgona says:

    Good to see some blue skies and warm toes with it, I hope.
    Interesting that we are driven back to religious cultural roots in Europe. Makes me wonder how bewildered our children must be when confronted with our cultural icons. Mine have been deprived of religious education and they know almost nothing. I think Peter’s did better than mine in that department.
    Thanks for the pics and little notes. Liked the laundry pic.

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