Getting to Trie involved taking 3 sets of public transport starting with an early morning train from Moissac to Agen. We did this after enjoying our typical French petit de jeunier of Baguette, jam and wide bowls full of chocolat or cafe. What would be described as a ‘minimalist’ breakfast.


Waiting for the rare morning train with a fellow walker who had his Camino cut short after being bitten savagely by a dog.


Victory Day -May 8th on France. All small towns celebrate peace and remember the many fallen dead from the war. From Jack’s front windows there is  a direct view to the war monument.


The small group of local officials that performed the memorial service for VE Day. It is another public holiday where everything shuts down!


Rousing French national music was played by the local brass band.


Dinner with Jann, Wendy and Ono, Jack and Ria at Barcugnan.


A warm goodbye to all after a fine evening out with old Dutch. English and Australian friends.


Awaiting our train to the Spanish border on Ascension Day – just another French public holiday – that makes 2 in a row this week!!!


Farewell to Jack, Ria and Robbie at Tarbes railway station.

We have been greeted in Spain by rain. The rain in Spain is NOT falling mostly on the plain – its everywhere!!!!!!!!


Awaiting the small scooter train that links the French border station at Hendaye with the Spanish border station at Irun. Everywhere it is wet. We hope the northwest of Spain where we will join friends for the 7 day Camino Ingles somehow escapes this weather.


Awaiting departure on the very new and clean scooter train into Irun, Spain.

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1 Response to Trie-sur-Baise

  1. Jean says:

    Hi Sandy and Peter – good to see you’re enjoying Europe – travelling with you by proxy!

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