Enroute to Chamonix, France


After our final Tim Horton’s coffee with Nick near the airport we waited ever so long at Vancouver to start on the first leg of our trip to Geneva via Frankfurt. Lufthansa took our ski bags without any fuss, but insisted on weighing our carry on bags! Needless to say Sandy’s was over the 7kg allowed. In the end they booked the carry on luggage through with no excess baggage fee. Still unsure what the rules are regarding transporting sporting equipment like skis


Smoking hasn’t been banned yet at Frankfurt Airport – they even have this special ‘smoking lounge’ where Camel is clearly investing in their own future!

Thanks to Frankfurt airport’s overly officious security service for confiscating my new 120ml Hamiltons sunscreen lotion – now to try to buy some in a smaller container size than 100ml in Europe. No bouquets or warm fuzzy feelings for the Germans – the 120mls container was not an issue with Australian or Canadian inspectors.

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