Hakuba life


This is a typical Japanese style home or lodge that we see each day as we walk into the township.


Many of the ski slopes are beautifully wide and almost empty. This run led down to the Gondola cafe – a great place to rest the burning leg muscles and enjoy some delicious Japanese cuisine.


More views of the almost endless mountains near our lodge.


Hakuba had a cultural night so eight of us from the lodge attended Hakuba Night 2015. We arrived and were then dressed by locals in appropriate Japanese clothing – given Sparkling Sake and various appetizers to accompany the drink.


Our group tried their hand at using these wooden Japanese toys – but we weren’t as skilled as the locals.


We witnessed a real Ninja performance put on by a father and son.


Peter tried his hand at ninja knife throwing. …..


And Taiko drumming!


The drummers put on an animated spectacular show towards the end of the evening.


It’s hard to visualise the eight of us in ski gear when we look so elegantly attired in our Kimonos!

Looking out on a real winter wonderland. It’s been snowing all day!

A beautiful outlook from the lodges dining room on our last afternoon here in Hakuba.

Ruth’s graphic demonstration of how she manages the calls of nature while sleeping in a toilet free campervan. Not much left to the imagination!

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3 Responses to Hakuba life

  1. thelastsiblingis80@gmail.com says:

    Hope all is well with you two gadabout the World folks. You are an inspiration to me certainly and probably a lot of other folks.


    MJ ( under many, many feet of snow in Maine)

    Sent from Windows Mail

  2. MJ Smith in Ellsworth, Maine USA says:

    It is such a pleasure to watch your online journal through photography.

  3. 2bikeriders says:

    Thank you so much for you comments ‘lastsiblingis80’. It’s lovely to know you are watching and reading of our pictorial adventures as we travel around the globe. We may be back in your Maine area in late winter 2016 to ski with family from Toronto Canada in the North American ski fields. We had such a successful time in Whistler this year with everyone together. If we find ourselves back near you then perhaps we can catch up. Unfortunately it won’t be either clam or lobster time!!!!!!t We do remember the taste so well of these wonderful seafood delights you introduced us to. It’s a shame we don’t have these out here in Australia in such abundance!!!!!

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