Last Crusade begins – farewell Canterbury


Canterbury Cathedral looks resplendent in all its medieval glory. However, like Lourdes it’s surrounded by rampant vendors of a vast collection of tawdry souvenirs made in China.


Canterbury has this house with poor foundations and a lopsided door frame- definitely not engineered by Peter!!!!


But it’s a photographers and tourists’ curio. The shop owner asks all who photograph their crooked door to donate a set sum to the vendor’s favourite charity.


Here we both are with one foot on the holy foundation stone marker that symbolises the start of the Via Francigena here in Canterbury, UK.


Canon Claire provided us with a personal and very warm blessing for our 3 month journey ahead. Our credentials were both dutifully stamped this evening showing that we started this walk today at Canterbury Cathedral. After this we attended the 5.30pm Evensong at which the Caritas choir sang; they sang with such amazing gusto and beauty. We also met up with Joe, another pilgrim from the UK who’s begun his Camino from Ramagate, not Canterbury.


Canon Claire provided us with this prayer of support for our pilgrimage – it was written by an Italian priest and captures all the elements of a Camino in it’s words.

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9 Responses to Last Crusade begins – farewell Canterbury

  1. John McMahon says:

    Enjoy your last crusade.

  2. Margo Hodge says:

    I’ll add my Irish Blessing to this blessing that I recently sang to Jane when she returned to Phnom Penh. “May your days be filled with gladness, May the years forget to touch your brow, May your friends sing loudly, loudly of your deeds.” The first verse could be more pertinent for you.

  3. Tony crapper says:

    Good health and weather. Hope the blessing works.

  4. Valma says:

    Belated best wishes on the start. By now you’ll be in France.

    • 2bikeriders says:

      Not in France yet. Just finished today’s short walk to Barham – distance 14.85kms. Currently finishing a pub lunch before finding our accommodation for tonight. Feeling happy to get here.

  5. james says:

    good luck on your new adventure Sandy & Peter. Looking forward to updates as you travel!

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