Day 3 – Ferry: Dover to Calais. Walk: Calais to Guinnes – 16.02kms



Last night’s accommodation was very much a work in progress with scaffolding surrounding the building, painters at work and rooms so tiny it was impossible to empty 2 backpacks and move around in the room.

Despite being sited across a busy road from a petrol station we slept well but woke very early despite feeling extraordinarily tired after yesterday’s long 26km walk. It will take us some time to get fit, to toughen our backs and feet so we can easily manage the long distances and rough terrain the route will throw at us. The seemingly never decreasing miles displayed on the North Downs Way route markers throughout yesterday’s walk took their toll on us psychologically – we felt we were never getting there as marker after marker continued to show the same distance we had yet to go to reach our destination. Today’s markers in France will be in kilometers – and we’re very happy to leave the miles behind.

We’re booked as foot passengers on the 8.25am ferry from Dover to Calais. Which means we have to be checked in at the ferry terminal by 7.25am at the latest and allowing 30mins to walk the distance and another 15mins ‘getting lost’ time we’ll be setting off on our walk to the ferry at the ungodly hour of 6.40am!!!!!! So breakfast will have to be onboard at the ferries ‘greasy spoon’.


On board and both enjoying a full English breakfast looking out on the Dover ferry terminal.


These are the white cliffs of Dover we saw looking back from our 8.25am ferry to Calais.


We saw this ornate and unusual building in Calais but don’t know it’s name or its history.


When you’re hungry you can give yourself permission to sit and eat lunch anywhere!!!


We walked along the Canal de Calais today for much of the hike between Calais and Guines.


Here at the entry to the town of Guines we saw the first crucifix since starting the walk 3 days ago.

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