Day 11 – Peronne to Trefcon – 21.5kms



Getting ready to leave the ‘petit maison’ we slept in last night. It had all that a pilgrim needs – a hot shower, an electric kettle for tea making, a microwave, room heaters and beds! It was a heavenly evening. We were welcomed to our accommodation by the local benevolent Korean priest and shared in the multi-cultural life of rural France and Peronne, dining at a superb and popular Turkish restaurant.


The 15th century Gothic church of St. John- Baptiste here in Peronne.


Lunching in front of a church en-route to Trefcon. This was the only public seat we’d seen all morning. With no cafes remaining open in depopulated villages along the way we settled for having a ‘virtual’ coffee after our baguette and cheese lunch instead.


The very muddy path today ran through woodlands for many kilometers. The path was very wet and slippery following persistent rain.


The land here in the Somme is very flat and used primarily for cropping. It’s also very muddy. These hang gliders don’t seem to mind these conditions.


Much dignity was lost today following a fall on the slippery muddy path. Not much escaped getting muddied!!!! No clean up was possible till we arrived at our destination!!!


Almost at tonight’s destination of an Equestrian Gite/Chambre d’Hote here in Trefcon.


Our hosts run an Equestrian business as well as their accommodation business – very busy people!!



Our kind hosts are Daniele and Hubert at Trefcon. They run a Chambre d’Hote and a Gite. Gives work well for those that can carry their food with them. We need to stay each night somewhere where our evening meal is provided or we can walk into town to a cafe to eat – not possible out in this village. Trefcon is the French equivalent of ‘the back of Bourke’!!! It’s rather an isolated location – no Bar Tabac or shop or cafe for many kms.

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4 Responses to Day 11 – Peronne to Trefcon – 21.5kms

  1. Margo Hodge says:

    Dear Sandy and Peter,

    You both look really well. I marvel at your stamina and ability to find such insights into each place you pass through. Margo

  2. 2bikeriders says:

    Sometimes we run a bit short of ‘get up and go’ towards the end of the day’s walk, especially if there’s been a lotbif mud in the track- but somehow we finish the walk.

  3. Jean Wirtley says:

    Hi Sandy & Peter – just received your WhatsAp & then spent delightful half hour perusing your Blog diary
    Definitely needs to be in book form one day! Busy days here as always but all ok. Will give all our news on WhatsAp.
    “Those boots will go on walking” as the old song tells – & your feet stay strong & well we trust. What an adventure you’re having💜Jean

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