Day 14 – Laon to Corbeny – 25.1kms

It was another of those very long days. So pleased to arrive at the Hotel du Chemin des Dames, a Logi hotel, which is a bit of luxury for us tonight here in Corbeny. After seeing how tired we were Madam offered us a cold biere and a seat in the sun to sit on while enjoying them. Such simple pleasures mean so much these days!!


Looking back and down towards Laon shows how far we’ve walked this morning. As it’s a clear day Laon Cathedral can be clearly seen on the horizon.


It’s time for a picnic lunch. It’s also time to charge the watch so we can monitor the amount of battery power we are using.


After a long day walking it’s wonderful to enjoy a cold biere or two on arrival at our destination.

Much appreciated by us two sometimes lost last Crusaders!!

Corbeny is an important town in France as it was here that 270,000 French soldiers died at the battlefield called the Chemin des Dames, at the hands of the Germans in WW1. There was such a massive loss of life – and for what gain? Francois and Angela Merkhol are now the best of friends,100 years later on!!

Our Logis hotel, Hotel du Chemin des Dames, is named after this epic battle.

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