Day 17: Reims to Vezry – 22.95kms


Hotel Monopole had been given the grand sum of 1 star! It did have centrality going for it though!


Not only was the bathroom the tiniest yet but the bedroom was minuscule too.


Preparing clothing for the bitterly cold day we’re confronted with while leaving Reims. We’ve had warm sunny days recently – how can the weather be so changeable?


Saturday morning dragon boat race training on the canal. Lots of energy seen here!!


More lochs here south of Reims on the Via Francigena. Not sure why the loch master was organising for the water to re-enter this canal below the loch.


A painted gate, so attractive to passers by!


A French military cimeterie from 1914-1918. Many thousands of French soldiers are buried here.


French vines at Vezry at budburst!


Joe shared this apartment with us last night. We first met up at Canon Clare’s blessing at Canterbury Cathedral and then later along the road at Laon then dinner at Reims. The plan was to eat at the 1 restaurant in town however it was shut this weekend, so we did a bit of shopping and ended up with pate and Champagne, roast beef and red wine, followed by blue cheese – and more red wine. Good company from Manchester – great accommodation – delicious food and wine.

It’ll be a late start to our Sunday walk – but not for any reasons of over indulgence!!! The nights accommodation will not open till 6.30pm!!!

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