Day 18 – Vezry to Conde Sur Marne – 21.67kms


Setting off from our Verzy apartment this very cold morning – but feeling great after our evening enjoying real French Champagne!


Looking back on the village of Vezry where we stayed last night. The weather is deteriorating rapidly – grey skies are everywhere.


This was the Champagne producer we got last night’s Champagne from. A special price was given because of the damaged label – but it tasted just as good as an undamaged one!


Setting off to start today’s walk through, and along, forest trails and canal towpaths.


Before today’s rain set in!


It’s getting greyer.


Joe is fully kitted out with his Vaude poncho with built in a backpack cover. Peter lost his backpack cover in our last very wet, wild, hailing and windy day. Hoping to make a stop at Decathlon soon to replace it.


Just love these weeping flowering trees and assume they are some sort of cherry tree.


There’s many a use for the old loch infrastructure.


Having a rest before the rain starts again and when we arrive in town. The Hotel doesn’t open till 6pm and nothing else is open in town. It’s been a very long, cold and wet day. Don’t need many more of these!!!? Bring on summer!!!!


Hot food warms the body and soul. Tonights roast pork dinner did the job well.


Madamme, a wine buyer visiting from Burgundy, joined us for dinner. Madamme was buying Champagne from small regional proprietors. She had the pleasure of waiting in her car for the Hotel to open at 6pm- we had just the church’s portico to shelter in while feeling the full brunt of the 4 degree day!!! Too much of this weather may dampen our resolve to finish!!

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2 Responses to Day 18 – Vezry to Conde Sur Marne – 21.67kms

  1. Margo says:

    ANZAC Day was amazing warm, still & 22 degrees BUT we need rain!! You got it!! You both look so well.

  2. Pauline says:

    Do not lose your resolve!! What will I do each evening as I read your inspiring and informative blog if you do?? The weather will as sure as anything.

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