Day 19 – Con Sur Marne to Chalons-en-Champagne – 19kms


It’s a classic fashion look – on a cold day wear everything that you have!!!!


Monsieur from last night’s hotel was obliging with having his photo taken.


This was the small rural hotel we stayed at last night at Con sur Marne.


Fishermen are often successful with their catches as these two were with using these long poles.


Tulips continue to be the favourite bulb throughout the champagne department. This planter box looked stunning; even more so on a very wet day.


Lunch takes place anywhere there is somewhere to sit down with good company!! Sometimes with no shelter!


A roadside Memorial along the canal to a friend long gone! One wonders how his life story ran? What happened to him???


The Cathedral here in Chalons-en-Champagne – it’s such a splendid building!! Unfortunately it shuts on Mondays so we were unable to go inside for a visit today.

However we were able to see the interior of a major church in this city.


The intricate stained glass windows of the church are its stand out features.


More of the exotic stained glass windows.

We stayed at the modern B and B hotel on the outskirts of the city within a short walking distance of Decathlon, a French sports store. We wanted to buy some light down jackets but alas, seems the buying department has stocked the floors with summer gear. So we were unsuccessful. Did manage to get new tips for the walking poles and a fleece which should keep me warmer and quieter while I walk along in this unseasonal weather.

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