Day 20 – Chalons-en-Champagne to Coole – 19.17kms

Last night at Chalons-en-Champagne we stayed at a chain of French hotels called B and B. This mourning we enjoyed breakfast there before setting off for Coole. It was the first time we’d had scrambled eggs and bacon since leaving the UK nearly 3 weeks ago.


We’re en-route to Coole and walking along the old Roman road used by Pilgrims, merchants and armies travelling from Rome to Britain. The addition of the wind turbines modernizes the picture and provides the French with plenty of controversy too.


The old Roman road.


The canola is quite stunningly colourful – even on an overcast day in France.


Seems we spent the most part of the day walking along very straight roads.
The ‘Life of Brian’ clarified that the Romans knew how to do a few things: and building roads was high up on their list of ‘can do’s’ as well as water reticulation and…….


We take lunch wherever we can find a seat. Today it happened to be sitting on stairs in a church yard that was also the village’s Cemetery. We’ve noticed that the location doesn’t seem to affect the taste of the food. Today’s lunch was a buttered French baguette with jam – left overs from breakfast!! We passed no shops on our walk today and were very thankful for this food. Memories abound of having school lunches just like that – but it was white sandwich bread, not a lovely crunchy baguette.

We’re spending tonight with Monique and Jean Pierre, friends to all pilgrims that pass by their way in Coole.


Monique encouraged us to have this aperitif with beer before eating the lovely dinner she’s prepared for us. The dinner was gourmandise sliced potatoes with sliced Weiner sausage, green salad, pate, regional cheeses, bread and yoghurt – and if course, some red wine. All very simple but elegant and tasty.


They have a beautiful garden outlook from their modern ‘retirement’ house.

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1 Response to Day 20 – Chalons-en-Champagne to Coole – 19.17kms

  1. Mary Jane Smith says:

    Greetings friends: l know you are such a grand time. Truly wish I could do 1/4 of what you dear folks do! Carry on and many thanks for all the posts! Love to you both M J

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