Day 25 – Chateauvillain to Langres – 16.73kms


Setting off in the rain from our wonderful Haven of warmth and hospitality at Chateauvillain this morning.


Today is May Day – it’s a holiday here in socialist France which means that everything is shut, even the supermarket InterMarche. It’s usually open for limited hours on Sundays and we’d hoped to stock up on some muesli bars before leaving town but that was not possible.


Thatched houses not only appear in England!! In Chateauvillain, Champagne Department, we’ve seen some superb ones.


These very friendly cows followed Sandy along the road in the hope of getting fed by hand as must be done when they’re shedded. The rules of the European Union control when cows can be let out of their winter sheds and be pasture fed rather than hand fed grain or corn.


Taking a break on a cold and wet day in yet another de-populated village en-route to Arc-en-Barrois. Peter’s back pack cover and hat were the only bright colours in an otherwise gloomy day.


These espaliered Apple trees show how so much can be grown in a such a small space.


Guess who we met up with at the Hotel du Parc at Arc-en-Barrois en-route to Langres today?

Suspect we’ll get a lift with them to our Grand Hotel de Europe at Langres where the food and wine tasting will continue – probably till late at night.

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