Day 26 – Langres to Dijon


The day started out well at breakfast with Jack & Ria.

Peter’s unexpected medical condition requires a visit to a hospital casualty department so we decided that the 4 of us would travel to Dijon to do this. Dijon is a big city on the route Jack would be taking to Trie-sur-Baise. The small towns we walk through don’t have hospitals – nor shops or bars or restaurants!!!

So we all piled into Jacks 4WD, together with the dog, the apple trees, magnolia and chestnut trees, his beer dispensing kit
and every tool Jack had collected in between his last visit to the south of France and set off for Dijon, the city of mustard!


The car looks very Jack-like. Looks like there’s plenty of room for a few more back packs!!!

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3 Responses to Day 26 – Langres to Dijon

  1. Margo Hodge says:

    Hoping Peter’s well and back on his feet again quickly. Love, Margo.

  2. Liz Kay says:

    Hi Sandy and Peter I do hope Peter is ok now. Take care of yourselves. Maybe a rest day is in order! Liz xx

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