Day 27 – Dijon


Dijon has these new trams which are well patronized. There are great difficulties and costs associated with parking cars in this big city.



This arch was a gift of friendship from the American people to the French commemorating the 220th anniversary of the French Revolution – the outcome of which had a significant influence on the Americans who then sought their own independence from Britain.


There are beautiful central parks, well used by Dijon residents.


Dijon’s old city streetscape – it’s not quite summer yet but the people are starting to come outside now, often with coats on though.


This old and ornate merry go round awaits the young at heart in the summer months. But business is a bit light on at the moment.


Dijon has some very elegant old streetscapes like this one. Here the trees are only just unfurling their spring leaves which will provide dense shade here in the hot months ahead.


The Cathedral at Dijon dates from the 12th century and is found in the very old part of the city near the Halle, the old Markets. It is undergoing renovations currently, as many other significant cathedrals in France are.


The interior of the Cathedral is quite small, compared to many others in big cities in France.


Market workers gather in a laneway nearby the Halle after the days market’s over. It could be a back lane of a market anywhere – perhaps Queen Vic in Melbourne?


Florists such as this one abound in French cities bringing colour and romance to their often dreary, grey streets and stonework.


Cycling, taking the tram, bus or train is big here, especially as there is nowhere to park a car. Helmet rules have not been imposed on their citizens though.

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2 Responses to Day 27 – Dijon

  1. brendanplays says:

    Looks like a bit more colour is coming into your photos lately, must be summer approaching! Yes the market workers having a well earned beer does look very familiar.
    I hope you’re doing ok Peter.
    Safe travels.

    • 2bikeriders says:

      Spring is starting to show itself in the trees and gardens and by seeing so many out tending their pottage (kitchen garden allotments). Still crisp morning temperatures but some days the sun shines and it feels like a Canberra winters day. We’re not so enamoured with the overcast skies and rain and hail – especially as we’re out in it all day. Loving France – could escape here for a year or a lifetime one day!!!

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