Day 28 – Dijon to Besancon


Dijon has some lovely flower pots scattered around public places.


These delightfully artistic gardens, found in public parks, are well patronised in a city where many live in apartments.


This was our Dijon home for 2 nights while we sorted out Peter’s health issues. Today it’s goodbye to the Hotel Chateaubriand, Dijon and hello to Besancon. We’re taking an SNCF train trip back up to the Via Francigena route which passes through the city of Besancon. We’ll stay a few nights there with a Servas family for some R & R, wash all our clothes and post some excess baggage home. This way we’ll get some time to see how Peter is before making any further plans.


Despite health issues Peter’s still able to enjoy a beer or two – especially as it’s an unusually sunny day here in Besancon!

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1 Response to Day 28 – Dijon to Besancon

  1. farlinoff says:

    Glad to see that the Good Doctor is able to have a beer or two. Have a nice couple of rest days. Regards, Trevor

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