Day 29 – Besancon


A warm sunny day early in the season draws everyone outside in France. Bernadette and Dominique began their spring garden clean up today – as Peter watched on.

We’ve spent 2 nights with this warm and hospitable Servas couple who generously hosted us Wednesday and Thursday evening in Besancon. Dominique is blind but manages to work and live independently. Bernadette is a social worker who keeps it all happening in her family of 4 children. Life is very busy and we were grateful they took time to be with us.

They introduced us to the car sharing service called BlahBlah which we booked to take us from Besancon to Albi very early on Friday morning. Just another experience we’ve had this year using the sharing economy!!!!

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2 Responses to Day 29 – Besancon

  1. Alice Diamond says:

    I do hope Peter’s wound is healing. You really can’t be too cautious about such things.

    We are in Budapest, and I have complained about the occasional day of rain, but you seem to have been deluged.

    Take good care.

    Alice and Doug

    • 2bikeriders says:

      Yes – but slowly Alice. Hoping to recommence the via Francigena to Rome in Lausanne this Friday morning with Jenny, our sister-in-law. However weather forecast for Friday is rain!!!!! Fingers crossed they got it wrong!!! Loving the life here in France – could become addictive!!!

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