Day 30-35 – Castelnau-de-Montmiral

We’d travelled from Besancon to Castelnau-de-Montmiral to stay at Di and Dave’s with the hope that Peter’s  wound would heal when he was no longer carrying his backpack each day.  Our fingers and toes were crossed in the hope we could return to our long walk from Canterbury UK to Roma Italy. We have so much further to go!!!! Unfortunately the Shengen visa time limit of 90 days out of any 180 days is hanging over our heads!!!


Di, Dave and Peter in front of their pottage ie their allotment in the village of Castlenau-de-Montmiral. Following moon plantings, no dig gardening techniques, and many environmentally friendly approaches they have a very early harvest of lettuces, spinach and silver beet. Their plantings of tomatoes, onions, beans, peas, strawberry’s and rhubarb will keep them in vegetables and fruit for many months yet. But as Di says you can’t have it all. You either travel or do vegetable gardening,  – you cannot do both!!


Their allotment is about 100 metres below their house in the bastide village of Castlenau-de-Montmiral. The view to the outlying hills from 3/4 of the way back up the hill is magnificent!!!!


Di and Dave have a wonderful view from their terrace.


The terrace plantings are very dense, packed to the rafters with lots of flowering bulbs, roses and fledgling vegetable seedlings before planting out in the allotment. Since we’ve been here the weather’s been less than kind with big winds and lots of rain most days – it’s been very much an early spring weather pattern. We’ve enjoyed the indoors knowing that soon we’d again be outdoors in all kinds of weather!!


The sun’s at last shining after yesterday’s wind and rain and this morning’s rain and thick fog. It’s tempting us to sit outside – perhaps get a little sun in Peter’s back to help with wound healing?


This morning we shopped at the small market in the village for tonight’s dinner. Peter’s the chef – so he chose to buy a rabbit. He’s cooking Rabbit in Mustard from Di’s Two Fat Ladies cook book. Unlike Australia, when you buy a rabbit here you get the head too – a bit like butchers practices in Indonesia.


Market vendors seemed to do more business selling spring vegetables and flowers than food – perhaps the sun has motivated everyone to think of gardening now. By following early germination practices Di and Dave’s vegetables are about 6 weeks in front of the locals plantings.


Streetscape near Di and Dave’s home.


Peter’s enjoyed donning a spare down jacket – despite the weak sun it’s still crisp out and about.


Di and Dave’s home.


Shopping’s finished – time to go into the house now.


A wonderful reminder of what’s important in life.


This is one of the narrow medieval gates or portes into the bastide village we’ve stayed at these past few days. We think a car may have hit the right hand side sometime in the past.


Some buildings along the narrow streets get little sunshine and grow this beautifully green coloured but very slippery moss.


Peter’s looking a bit like the cat that got the milk! And he only has a baguette!

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7 Responses to Day 30-35 – Castelnau-de-Montmiral

  1. Trevor Farley says:

    Peter and Sandy, Thanks again for your photos and accompanying story. Very much hoping that Peter’s wound will respond to lack of backpack. We are off to Germany on Sunday but will keep in touch. Regards, Trevor

  2. Mary Jane Smith says:

    Hope your weather better than mine in Wash. DC. We finally have a sunny day here in Maine.

    Thank you for updates and great photo’s.


  3. farlinoff says:

    Just love the photos you send, the streetscapes are simply brilliant.

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