Day 36 – Castlenau-de-Montmiral to Lausanne


Steve and Sandy welcomed Di home after her short holiday in Spain.


Leaving the village early this morning in the heavy fog; Dave’s driving us to the Gaillac station, then its a TER commuter train to Toulouse and the Airbus to the Blagnac airport for the beginning of our trip back to the Via Francigena in Lausanne.


Met up with Jenny at Geneva Airport then explored the city and Lake Geneva a bit. It wasn’t a warm day. Despite the temperature the lake looks good.


Those grey skies confirm the forecast for a few days ahead – lots of heavy rain! Not good news for walkers.

We took an expensive but typically efficient Swiss train trip from Geneva to Lausanne, then explored the metro and bus systems to arrive at our Pilgrims accommodation at the church, the Parish of St. Amédée, in Bellevaux. Here we were met by a delightful parishioner who guided us through their accommodation. There is sleeping for 5, a fridge, hot plate, jug, shower, washing machine and loos. What more could we wish for?


Sleeping arrangements are basic – reminding us of what’s often offered on other caminos.


Manchester Joe caught up with us here again after 11 days of going our separate ways.  Out of the blue he found us in a restaurant nearby the church last night, so now we’re together again. The 4 of us will probably walk on together to Montreux after spending a day sightseeing in Lausanne.

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