Day 58 – Montale to Fiorenzuola D’ Arda – 17.78kms


Breakfast in the well set up kitchen in last night’s Refugio. We were almost the last to leave this morning.


The parts of Italy we’re in don’t look like they’re flush with money. There appears to be a lot of underemployment – in big towns many young people sit around and in small villages the old men sit around as all the young ones have left. Here discount clothing shops try to sell last year’s fashions. Pity there’s no room in our backpacks!


We thought this might be an interesting restaurant to experience – Pizza and Karaoke.

Obviously the commune held this priest in high regard – though we didn’t know why he had such a beautiful memorial here.


We continue to see roadside chapels that are tended well, even on busy roads such as we walked along today from Montale to Fiorenzuola. We were glad to get to Fiorenzuola as walking along the busy road was at times scary!


Relaxing at last in one of the many piazzas here at Fiorenzuola with a glass of Proscecco in the early evening made todays walk worthwhile. We’d found a hotel room at the Hotel Manthis, had a shower and changed clothes and felt magically renewed! So little can do so much for one’s spirit!


We’ll probably not see our French and German walkers again as they are set to increase their distances in line with these stages, which are often more than we can do. We’re finding it comfortable to walk around 18-25kms a day.

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