Day 59 – Fiorenzuola to Firenza – 17kms


Signage from Fiorenzuola was very poor – it would be easy to get lost without an online or offline map.


As we walk through Italy we are struck by their national obsession with security. Seems everyone’s property is fenced, have intercom systems linked to the house and most windows have iron bars attached. This style of gates is de rigour for a rural holding.


We nearly missed this turn today on the Via Francigena from the road onto a farmers track.


An elderly person still lives in this large and elegantly styled old farmhouse building. Many such buildings along the Via Francigena have fallen into disrepair; they deteriorate rapidly especially after the roof is lost.


After being barked at by most of the dogs along the route it was such a pleasure to meet this wonderfully friendly dog. We wanted to take him with us – he was so lovely.


We had difficulty translating this plaque to understand what this building was built for.


This orange lily was the most beautiful flower we saw today but we’re not sure of its name though.


This elegant old building on vast farmlands growing tomatoes can be seen for kilometers around. Australian squattocracy – eat your heart out!!!!


More old farm buildings along the route today as we approach Firenza.

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