Day 61 – Fornovo Di Taro to Cassio – 21 kms


Looking back onto Fornova from just one of the many climbs we made today.


A well maintained roadside shrine.


We’re in spectacular but hilly countryside.


A beautiful colourful garden path caught our eye.



This plaque tells the story of the small simple church we took shelter in this morning.

This community oven was used weekly by the village women to bake their bread. Each put a different marker on the top to differentiate theirs from others.

In the course of finding this shady lunch spot we missed taking a turn and ended up taking the hilliest mountain goat track we’ve done so far. Ughhhhh. The days lesson is ‘follow the guide and stay on route’!!!!!

This good Samaritan helped us find our way back to the easier road route.

Flowering cactus – an unusual growth.

We’ve climbed up from the valley below several times today – we’d prefer to have only done it once!!!!
At last we’ve reached Cassio, our nights destination. We’re rather exhausted and in need of some liquid sustenance!

There was a lovely soft light at dusk in Cassio.

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1 Response to Day 61 – Fornovo Di Taro to Cassio – 21 kms

  1. Tony says:

    Well done. A hard day. Tony

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