Day 63 – Passo della Cisa to Pontremoli – 20.89kms


Here we are at the second highest pass on this pilgrimage, the Passo della Cisa. The sign has many souvenir stickers attached to it.

Berceta, a town near the pass,was the home of Ferrari motor cars in the early 20th century.

At the top of the pass is this splendid church.
The pass is at 1041 metres.

More amazing views of the Appenines today as we finish our steep walk downhill to Pontremoli.And great views!

One of Pontremoli ‘s remaining city gates.

A late afternoon streetscape in Pontremoli.

Our primary plat dishes tonight at the restaurant offering the pilgrim menu. Delicious!!!!

A lovely use for an old grinding wheel.

Our last ‘end of the day’ drinks on the Via Francigena for a while. Due to a close family members unexpected demise we’re returning home because that’s where we need to be right now. But we’ll be back!! The VF’s in our blood – so we’ll be returning soon to finish it and earn our Testimonium.

We’re thinking during April 2017 we can squeeze in another break to finish what we’ve started!!

For now we must make our way to Rome by train, tomorrow to start the long journey home.

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