Day 64 – Pontremoli to Rome

It was a grey windy day in Rome but the 2000 year old Roman Colosseum still manages to look magnificent!

It’s early June but the crowds of tourists are enormous at these key Rome sights. The queues to enter both the Coliseum and the Gate were so large we settled for just looking at these sights from the outside. Perhaps when we return to finish the Via Francigena it may not be tourist season and we can enjoy these special places without such long waits.

There’s an active Vesper Scooter hiring business here in central Rome. After paying their money and getting their helmets on these two young riders set off for a day exploring the city. Oh – to relive our misprint youth,  footloose and fancy free on a motorbike again!!!!

So many beautiful churches – too numerous to note,  like this one are here in Rome.

Rome is quite overcrowded. With so many cars it can be difficult finding a parking space but small car owners take creative advantage of any small parking space!!!

We found a small Eritrean comunity restaurant in a side street near to the Rome Railway station. So many Eritreans have found their way to Italy, their colonial master’s country, over the many years since they initially gained ‘independence’ from Italy. And after that they endured their long war with Ethiopia where they gained their second ‘independence’  in the late 1990’s. Many left as refugees at that troubled time. Uncontrolled migration continues even now driven by the deteriorating economy, absence of an effective government and the ‘rule of law’ in this very poor and troubled country. Young people try to join the Diaspora here in Italy, seeking a better life outside their country of origin. They are a very attractive, tall, lean and fine boned people, standing out from the many other African migrants and refugees that have poured into Europe over these past few years. It’s easy to see why many, with their tall lean build and stunning looks have found their fortune and fame working in the fashion industry in Europe.

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